About the author of FictionFreak

Perhaps one of the most daunting tasks is to write about oneself. One has to constantly steer clear of either exaggerating ones virtues and looking a perfect braggart or underplaying them so as not to appear immodest. Only the stoical or the self-effacing can strike a healthy balance between the two extremes. So I’ll leave it to my netizen readers to form their opinion about me. Just a friendly lead to avoid absolute anonymity. I have been engaged in the exercise of improving myself for the last 12 years. My friends say I’m not too boring I love reading (almost anything as long as it’s not too repulsive to my sensibilities). I enjoy writing short fiction, the occasional poem and the not too frequent feature article and review.

The hint of any new idea excites me and impels me to get into a stimulating, open minded conversation with people who have a mind of their own.

Travelling and meeting people of diverse cultures fascinate me. Music, good plays and well-made films inspire me – Fellini, Bergman, Ray, Benegal and Aparna Sen are some of my favourites. I’ve faith in humanity (most stories reflect this) and consider every loss to be a gain of sorts. I’d really appreciate if my readers took the trouble of getting back to me.

Although this site’s called FICTIONFREAK, it also features some poems as well.